Far more then that the Shabbat diner Is the time and place to find the common things between us that unify us, rise above the routine of everyday work and, find the hidden soul in us and realize that there really is something special in our Jewish nation.

Jews from all over Bocas del Toro along with many travelers from the nearby villages participate at class of “Parashat Hashavua” and “Hasidut”, followed by the Shabbat evening prayer with overwhelming atmosphere of joy, and immediately after a festive Sabbath meal, prepared by the Chabad House and authentic traditional cuisine from Panama.
It is followed by Chassidic “Hitvaadut” into the night.

It would be difficult to describe the amazing atmosphere and the feeling of common brotherhood in Shabbat of – “Shevet Ahim Gam Yachad “.
It is very common that after the Shabbat diner the people excitingly expressing themselves and saying things like:

– “This is my third Saturday in Bocas del Toro”
“We sat at the Chabad House, and sang Sabbath songs. A shiver ran through my body. I connected to it, and it was amazing … “.
– “This is an opportunity to find out that we are one nation”