Tourist info

Chabad Chiapas Tourist Info

You are welcome to come and be part of our jewish Family, come to Beit Chabad Bocas and you are going to find warmth and help, for all our visitors at the Chabad House Bocas del Toro, and your experience will be unforgettable.

Our kosher restaurant, all the meetings with other travelers, join Shabbat together, free internet, free coffee and much more travelers services the Chabad house has to offer, those are the things and also the personal treatment that makes the Chabad house in Bocas a major travelers and backpackers point of attraction in Panama.

Chabad of Bocas del Toro with the administration maintains close professional relations and close friendship with village officials, and also maintains good and honorable contacts with key people in Bocas del Toro.

As part of the cooperation between local welfare organizations and Chabad, with the aid of the local travelers we are organizing volunteering groups for important causes such as: maintaining and cleaning the lake, aiding a local school and more.

All Chabad’s activities in Bocas and in the region are very well appreciated, As a Jewish traveler you are representing us, please represent us in the way, which is appropriate for Jews.

See you soon,
The Chabad of Bocas del Toro, Panama