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Chabad House is located in the heart of the main island in an area known as "Bocas del Toro". Bocas del Toro is an archipelago, a group of magical islands.

The main island is called "Isla Colon", and in its center lies the Chabad House, with a picturesque view that opens the heart and soothes the soul.

Many tourists visiting Bocas del Toro enjoy the scenery, atmosphere, and attractions the area offers to its visitors, including island tours, stunning beaches, deep-sea diving, tours of Indigenous villages, surf lessons, ATV tours, coffee tours, Spanish lessons, and more.

Yet, the family-oriented, warm, and helpful experience visitors receive at Chabad House Bocas del Toro surpasses any experience words can describe. A kosher restaurant, communal meals, study sessions, Shabbat and holiday celebrations together, meeting other travelers, a coffee corner, internet services, package reception, medical emergencies assistance, help with any problem, and yes! Even if you just want to relax, chat, and share experiences – you'll feel at home!

Chabad House Bocas del Toro maintains close relations with government officials and law enforcement on the island. As part of the collaboration between Chabad House and local organizations, we organize, with the help of travelers, ecological and humanitarian aid in the area. The assistance includes, among other things: sea preservation and cleaning, food distribution during tough times, and more.

The activities of Chabad House are highly valued on the island and in the region. As Israeli travelers, you represent us, please do so respectfully and strive to behave in a manner befitting Jews.

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